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Williams refrigerated counters provide valuable low level storage with effective preparation space, and also available in a wide range of temperatures and options including powerful freezer drawers and dedicated meat and fish counters. So whether it’s the petite Aztra counter, or the flexible, tough Under Broiler counter, there’s a Williams counter that’s perfect for you.,sexy chut hd,film porn,mi malkova

Our latest counters are our most energy efficient ever. But while energy efficiency is important, we know it’s not the only consideration for our customers. That’s why we’ve engineered a host of improvements to deliver the very best in terms of reliability, temperature control, robust construction, good looks, performance and food safety.,89 sex mp4

Williams counters come in a huge range of configurations, including standard, preparation and space saving, with a choice of two, three and four doors, at storage temperatures to suit any purpose. Drawers or doors? Chilled or freezer? It’s your choice, because we’re making refrigeration for the real world

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Stainless Steel Texture


Durability is key in commercial refrigeration. That’s why all our counters are expertly constructed in our factory with a tough, food-safe, stainless steel exterior. Engineered from the ground up they are designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use.,girl ka boor

Adaptable Freezer Drawers

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We know that no two kitchens are the same, so we’ve designed our counter refrigeration to adapt to your needs. From easy-access freezer drawers to raised pan holders and cut out wells, we’ve a solution for any problem.,david angeal

Jade fitting through standard doorway

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xxx x video,Our refrigerated counters feature heavy-duty, non-marking castors making positioning a breeze.  Add in self-closing lockable doors, anti-tip tray slides, removable cassette refrigeration system and removable racking and you have refrigeration that’s easy to live with.  Refrigeration built for the real world.

Adaptive Airflow

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paizuri,Saving energy is important – but so is keeping running costs low. Luckily Williams makes it easy to do both. With a unique internal airflow design, high density insulation and enhanced thermal breaks our latest refrigerated counters are our most efficient ever.

CoolSmart Controller

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girl ka boor,All Williams counters feature the latest Williams CoolSmart controller. This has a clear digital display with visual alarms.  It reduces energy consumption by detecting changing situations, instigating economy mode when use is low while ensuring total food safety at all times.

Jade Cabinet Handle

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Functionality doesn’t have to be dull – our sleek counters look great either front or back of house, whilst our low-level counters can fit easily under pre-existing worktops.  The counters’ easy-grab, full width handles provide a non-slip grip.,come porn,film porn,mi malkova

Aztra,film porn,mi malkova

sexy chut hd,Available as one or two door units. The front vented Aztra refrigeration counter is designed to accommodate GN 1/1 shelves.

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Front vented undercounter refrigeration with cut out wells and removable polypropylene chopping board,89 sex mp4

Bakery,film porn,mi malkova

Bakery Counters - Available as a two or three door model the crystal counters are designed to take either 18’x30’ or 600x400mm bakery trays,celebvideo

Emerald,film porn,mi malkova

teenageporn,A wide entry (GN 2/1) refrigeration counter, available in two or three door formats

Jade Prep.,film porn,mi malkova

A range of counters with top mounted preparation wells designed for gastronorm pans,brazzzer

MaxiPrep,film porn,mi malkova

The new MaxiPrep delivers added flexibility by being able to hold up to 36 different ingredients separately.,paizuri

Onyx,film porn,mi malkova

sensual fuck,A range of high performance preparation counters with gastronorm storage and top mounted food pans

Opal,film porn,mi malkova

animax sex,Stylish high performance gastronorm counter available as two, three or four door models.

Thermowell,film porn,mi malkova

www xxx song,Free-standing counter top preparation well designed to accommodate 1/3 or 1/6 gastronorm pans.

Under Broiler,film porn,mi malkova

commando hd,Space saving, low height refrigerated counter designed specifically to accommodate chargrills and griddles.

Varitemp Drawer,film porn,mi malkova

Operation temperature -22°C / +4°C and accommodate 2/1 GN size,majedar sex